Now available - Cart wheel set

26.07.2016 14:12

The set includes 4x cart wheels (diameter 26mm) made of resin. Scale 28-30mm.

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Now available - Beverage bottles and cans

12.07.2016 17:01

The set includes 17x Resin objects in the scale 28-30mm. 3x beer bottles, 3x beverage cans, 3x food cans, 2x open milk cartons, 3x closed milk cartons and 3x wine bottles.

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Now available - Space Dungeon Bases 30mm and 40mm RL DEALS

04.07.2016 17:08

Now available - Space Dungeon Bases 30mm RL (20x bases) and 40mm RL (8x bases) DEALS

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Now available - Raven set (28-30mm)

28.06.2016 14:35

The set includes 6x Raven in different poses. These are made of resin and must be assembled. Scale: 28-30mm

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Now available - 28mm Wooden stockade sets

07.06.2016 15:40

Now available - Wooden stockades sets: Wooden stockades, Wooden stockades destroyed and Wooden stockade gate. The sets can be combined. Scale: 28-30mm

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01.06.2016 16:36

Now available - Bases with flat edge. Viking Raid 25mm (8x random bases), Viking Raid 40mm (2x Bases), Shaleground 25mm (8x random bases) and Shaleground 40mm (2x Bases).

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Now available - Rune Stones Set 1 and 2

18.05.2016 15:21

Each set includes 2x rune stones made of resin. A large one and a small one. These are excellent terrain or decoration for Dark Age / Viking gaming tables in a scale of: 28-30mm.

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Now available - Dungeon gates

06.05.2016 17:09

Now available - Dungeon gates 1, 2 and 3. Each set includes one gate made of resin. Suitable for tabletop and board games in scale 28-30mm. The stand area of the gate is 25x50mm.

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